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discontinued., There is a problem with charge control facility. Please see our product information on this
Regulator for 12 Volts 3-Phase Alternator in MZ (ETZ) and JAWA (Magneton) Note:
even the best regulator can not regulate what does not exist. If your alternator is dead the new regulator will not help this.

This part is definitely only for MZ and JAWA 12V 3-phase alternators, nothing else!
Note: this regulator can definitely NOT be used to bring stock 6V systems to 12!
part number and price 95 19 530 01         
designated use Replaces mechanical regualtor in MZ ETZ or JAWA (3phase Magneton based). Regulates to 14.4 Volts, the norm fotr 12V systems.
  • Regulator only for MZ and JAWA with 3 phase alternator. No other usage!
  • Can not be functional without working battery (as the 3 phase alternator also neeeds one)
  • If used on JAWA 638-640 with PAL 3-phase alternator, pins 61 and 51 have to be bridged by a wire. (see wiring JAWA here)
dimensions 90x40x30 (with pins) see drawing here

wiring for MZ ETZ.

All pins are as on stock regulator. (See pictures) and have to be connected as on stock situation.

 click picture to enlarge