Powerdynamo brings new ignition & light 
to your vintage motorcycle



Technical Help



Engine cut-off options on solutions replacing dynamo based systems!

Our systems are basically magnetos (recognisable at a revolving magnetic drum). Those systems are stopped by shortcuting it against ground.
A dynamo based system (recognisable as they have carbon brushes) are stopped by cutting of the flow of electricity to the ignition coil.

In all our systems replacing dynamo based machines we include therefore a relay that converts from the given power cut-off to the needed shortcircuit activity. So with this relay you may continue to use your original ignition lock as before - provided you have a battery in the system. This sounds paradoxical, but the battery is needed to cut off the system (as it has to activate the relay).

Please further consult your local road traffic regulations for driving without parking light facility.
If you have a motorcycle that originally had a dynamo system and hence no main switch closing against ground at OFF position and you like to drive without battery - you will have to install an alternative, a cut-off, or kill switch