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Position of advance markings in stroboscopic check

During installation of 4-stroke Powerdynamo Systems with internal sensor you are requested to set the rotor in such a way that its marking aligns with the marking on the stator base with the crank at TDC (top dead center - the highes a piston can get) position
Still, when you strobe the running engine, you should normally never see both markings aligned.
for an explication see here:
  • The red dot in the 12 o´clock position represents the stator marking
  • the red line directly under it the rotor  marking
  • the green line shows position of rotor marking at idling speed
  • the blue line shows the position of rotor marking at full advance

In this example a clockwise engine is shwon with a curve changing from 8 to 38 degrees. Other curves have different data, but principle is always same. With anticlockwise running engines the situation is mirrored

As the engine does never fire at TDC position, you will normally (under stroboscope light) never see rotor and stator markings align.
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