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only a few systems on our offer (actually only MZ and JAWA) make use of the woodruff (or pin) arrangement and have hence a keyway.
KB entry missing keyway

This page should explain how timing is arranged (set) on 2 stroke systems (that is systems without advance control) without keyway

As there are 2 different ways to trigger ignition with our material, by external sign on rotor circumference and by in ternal trigger through coil arrangement, the follwoing describes both with internal triggering further down the page.

external trigger

Have a look at the new rotor. On its circumference you will find 2 sloped elevations. With the sharp step pointing into turning direction and the sloped side away from turning direction. This is a provision to prevent accidential reverse running. If the rotor is run into wrong direction (or indeed if there is a rotor made for the wrong direction) igniztion will not take place within starting revolutions

Following picture shows clockwise operation (for anticlockwise it will be mirrored)

Ignition happens when the sharp edge of the elevation of the rotor reaches the core of the sensor (pickup) as shown in the picture here.

The gap between top of the elevation and the sensor core should be 0.4mm. If starting proves to be difficult, reduce this gap to 0.3mm.

Timing is as follows:

Take the spark plug out and bring the piston into ignition position. If you have no idea where this should be, try (2 strokes!)  2 to 3mm BTDC (top dead center, the highest position the piston can reach). To turn the shaft you may set the rotor provisionally (no fastening screws) and use it as a turning handle.

When the shaft is in ignition position, carefully pull the rotor off again without changing the crank's position. (best achieved with help of the puller tool)

Than, reset the rotor again onto the crank shaft in  such a way that the sharp edge of one of the rotor protrutions just reach the core of the sensor ( as in picture above).

In that position fasten the rotor carefully.  

Ignition is set.

internal trigger