Powerdynamo - data request form flywheel based systems

Printable file to prepare your data for later online transmission.

your e-mail address  
country you live in  
Manufacturer (e.g. Honda, KTM etc)  
Type name  
Engine number  
approx. year of make  
cycle type (2 or 4 stroke)  
Manufacturer of the stock magneto (e.g. Motoplat, Bosch, Noris, SEM etc)?  
Base plate is fastened to engine by how many and which screws?  
Diameter of base plate and pitch circle diameter           mm diameter
          mm pitch circle diameter 
Does the oil seal at the crankshaft magneto side rise above bottom of the magneto base? and if so by appriox how many mm?  
What is the turning direction of the flywheel when looked at from the side  
What is approximate weight, diameter and height of the flyxwheel?           kg
          mm dia
          mm height
What is the approx. space between flywheel and engine cover?           mm
How is the flywheel fastend to the crank? Nut or screw? Dimensions and LH or RH threading?    
What is originally used to pull the rotor? (dimensions)  
Would you lend us your stock material to take dimensions?  
Please do make the following photos:
- installed complete stock system on engine  
- installed base plate without flywheel  
- stock base plate from rear  
- wire diagram so you have