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Paul Rooney, distributer in Australia

Paul Rooney
700 Rileys Hill Road
Rileys Hill. N.S.W. 2472
Phone: 02 66828557
Email prooney125500@gmail.com

Paul is a specialist in BMW offroads (see below), but also handles other makes, even MZ.

Keen participant in Australian Safari.


Paul Rooney builds/modifies/improves BMW's to suit any appliciation.He is a mechanical genius and his workmanship is superb.
When I can afford it I will get him to build me a bike. He strengthens and braces the frames (then powdercoats them), rebuilds or fits whatever supensions you require, rebuilds the engine (lightening it as well), fitting whatever heads your fantasy desires, he will lengthen the wheelbase and fit early model drive shafts, fit any size front fork tubes, lace up any size rims and fit 4mm spokes and you get to choose the brakes. The damned things go like a scalded cat and handle on the dirt like nothing else.
Paul is only a one man operation, so only builds a couple of bikes at one time. (you should see what he is doing to a R1150GS, 21" front wheel and all!!!) This is not a paid advertisement. You can find him in a little Northen New South Wales place called Rileys Hill. This is near Lismore in northern NSW. His telephone number is (02) 6682 8557.
from: http://www.horizonsunlimited.com/hubb/which-bike/the-perfect-overlanding-bike-5122
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