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Payment by Creditcard (VISA or Mastercard only)
To pay an order made in Powerdynamo Shop with credit card 
# give here order number the shop has created (or quote number is you received one)
# as amount give the total the shop had calculated
You find those data in the confirmation mail the shop will send you directly after your order.
Please note: should the postal address associated with the credit card be different to the delivery address, we will have to hold delivery juntil we can clarify this

Your payment will be done via ipayment,  payment systems for the web. ipayment is certified with Visa AIS and MasterCard SDP.
number of shop order (number created by shop, not a parts number)
note: This here is a payment facility only, not an order facility!
if you want to pay by credit card, you have to buy in our shop first and after this pay here with credit card using the order number the shop has created. 
  imperative ! 
Amount       Euros Cent            
e-mail address
Phone number (a strict UPS demand) -
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Please note: For safety reasons, we do not have access to your card data and can therefore not store them for any future use.
Please note:
We are not allowed to accept card payments where cardholder address does not match delivery address.  
Please note: No customer should send us card details outside our secure system. We would not use those data.
Please note: our payment system uses 3D-Secure
  • 3D-Secure increases the security of webbased payments by card.
  • The customer has given the card provider some additional password, or he has aggreed with them a transaction number via sms or smartphone app.
  • Criminals can now not gain access to card creadits, even if they had card number and verfification code as they would also need the 3D pass.
  • Visa and Mastercard offer this 3D-Secure-procedure under the name Verified by Visa and Mastercard Securecode.
  • if your VISA or Mastercard is not equipped yet with the 3D-procedure it may happen that your card issuer declines payment you made to us as our system asks for the verification. In such cases, talk to your bank. they will help you to rectify the issue.