Powerdynamo brings new ignition & light 
to your classic bike


Paying with Powerdynamo           

simplest use our Onlineshop, there payment is integrated.
For certain orders or situations outside shop you have the below payment options
If you have a detailed offer from us or have made an oder in our shop with payment option creditcard, you may accept and pay it with one of the options below. You will need our offer number for this. With your payment you accept our offer.


our Shop takes Paypal.
for payments outside shop: our paypal address is romy@powerdynamo.biz

  (sorry, no Amex)

never transmit card numbers outside secure systems!
we do not accept card numbers given to us directly (detail here)


This is for rough calculation only !!
How much is the Euro total in my currency?

Here you find all on our  conditions of sale and postage.