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Guarantee <> Warranty,  what is this and how do I claim same ?

The guarantee period is 24 months after sale, see our terms of trade 
When claiming some article for warranty you need to send it to us together with a copy if the invoice for it.
Before doing so however, please contact us at service@powerdynamo.biz with some detailed description of the problem. In many cases the problem can be cured without sending the material.

If you have not bought directly from us, but one of our resellers than please know that your claims for warranty in the first instance should direct against your seller, not the manufacturer.
Our resellers are expressly obliged by agreement to help implementing guarantee rights of consumers.

When sending in material deemed to be faulty, please also give some detailed description of the problem. 
Words such as "please check" or "does not work" are not of much use. See more here.
If there had been a ticket on the problem, please provide the ticket number.

Using our ticket system before sending something in is always a good idea as often problems can be resolved even over the distance. With this you save yourself and us time and effort.

Should the ignition side of the system you return for inspection be concered, better also include the spark plugs, caps and HT leads you used. Very often they are the culprits.

Even though we went here to some length here in explaining guarantee, we like to state that failures of our material are extremely rare. In most cases of trouble, we find that wire connections (notably to ground), spark plugs and plug sockets hayd been the reason.

In case of an incomplete delivery, Powerdynamo will immediately dispatch a subsequent delivery. In the first instance, Powerdynamo has the right to dispatch a substitute delivery. If substitute deliveries repeatedly fail to be satisfactory, the customer is entitled to either reduce the purchase price or to withdraw from the contract (rescission of sale).

Guarantee cannot be underwritten for defects caused by improper installation or use or by above average use of the goods on the part of the customer. Modifications on the material for whatever reason and in whichever way require advance written consultation with Powerdynamo. Violation of instructions or non-agreed modification of the material will void warranty. Warranty does not cover normal wear.

Guarantee cannot be underwritten for improper use. Proper use is use in replacing stock dynamo/ignition systems in vintage or classic motorcycles the engine characteristics of which have not been tempered with and which are not used in competition events (unless the material is specifically made and described as for racing or sports)

Powerdynamo underwrites a guarantee in relation to articles which have been individually ordered from Powerdynamo, but not for the complete assembly of which it may be a part.  

In everyday language the expressions warranty and guarantee are often used as synonym, which i fact they are not. If you translate the two words from one language to the other confusion even aggravates.

Whereas in Germany the terms Gewährleistung und Garantie have been clearly defined with Gewährleistung beeing the legally required obligation by the seller to sell a fit product, the term Garantie refers to some voluntarilly added promisse from the manufacturer.

British legislation (Sale of Goods Act) stipulates that products must be of ‘satisfactory quality’, ‘fit for purpose’ and ‘as described’, as well as lasting for a ‘reasonable’ amount of time. The act calles this guarantee and a legal requirement sellers have to abide to. This is what comes closest to the German Gewährleistung to which Powerdynamo abides to

Here (in both German and UK law) it is assumed that if a product breaks within 6 months, it was faulty to start with. However, after 6 months, you might need to show proof that the product was faulty from start.

Time starts at moment of sale, not moment of installing the system.

There also is some third expression in this context amiability (in German Kulanz). Powerdynamo wants you as a happy and satisfied customer and will therefore always try to settle problems amicably.
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