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How to order with Powerdynamo - and please how not to and what will be deliverytime?

Please note that Powerdynamo has ended its business activity
The product range has been transfered to the czech company VAPE who have opened a new eshop for it.

The shop also offers a lot of information on the products, advices on possible errors, links to our conditions of sale, indicates delivery times, enables easy communication with the customer and last not least has an integrated payment system. All things which, if manually done, consume time and invite mistakes.



  • Please always use our online shop

    Here you have integrated payment, needed address details, phone number etc are asked for.
    Note: if you do not get any immediate feedback from our shop system, chances are that you have entered a misspelled email address (happens several times a week) or that your mailbox is full (also frequent!)
  • should the wanted part not be offered in the shop, please mail your request to info@powerdynamo.biz. Please indicate clearly what you want to order.
  • The shop offers via a traffic lights graphics some information on delivery schedule. Please note that this schedule starts only when an order is complete with payment information. Orders without payment information are not considered valid.

    Reason for this is
    that we offer nearly 500 different systems which are composed of about 2000 different parts. It is practically impossible to have all those parts on stock at any given time. Even less so as sales fluctuate between the systems. Some systems are quite rare, so we only manufacture the parts after having received the order. Would we always keep everything on stock, we would have to invest much more money and as a result have to demand a higher price.
  • We therefore can indicate a detailed delivery schedule only at a given moment. It can be that a system is available within 3 days at time A, but at time B this would need 4 weeks. To be on the safe side our shop therefore indicates the longer, safe delivery time.

    General inquiries for delivery schedules are useless. We can quote them only on the basis of submitted orders. Any general request in advance "just to get to know delivery schedule" can only and will only be answered with the above general statement. More information here
  • please NOT by phone! we will not accept phoned in orders any more (phoned in orders often lead to mistakes. Rare the cases where we did not have to ask - sometimes repeatedly - back to clarify what is wanted, what shipment address, how payment would be made etc.
  • please not by email to a staff member you happened to have had contact with
    he might just be off to holiday or sick, he would not be able to handle  payment and possibly not know that you have a discount with us
  • please not with words as:
    - "please again same i had last time from you"
    - "you have my address, i did order before" (we have thousands of customers every year)
    - "as discussed on phone" (we never know when, what and with whom)
  • please not via our ticket system
    this serves other purposes and does not offer parameters needed for orders, such as payment, conditions of sale. Orders are quickly overlooked in this system and will definitely not be processed from there.


  • We get again and again customer email with texts such as "could not open your online shop" or "your shop did not work". "I do not want to buy via an online-shop, is not secure enough".

    Whilst we understand that modern life has its hurdles,  our business is an online business.  He who thinks he is not able or not willing to accept this and work on that basis can simply not order with us. We take great care to make things fast and safe. All payment goes through certified payment providers. 
  • In nearly every attempt by a customer to take a "shortcut" or to "ease things" something goes wrong, be it a missing phone number which UPS needs (here again, he who does not want to part with his phone number can not buy from us unless he personally comes here, well actually twice, once for the order, second time to collect as with the many systems we have nothing is ex shelve)

    Often we waste hours trying to complete missing customer data - frequently by browsing international telephone directories in search of correct address data. This is not only time nobody pays us for, it is time lost to serve other customers, not to speak of the increased risks of delivery mistakes.

  • Unfortunately there are customers who do not consider it worthwhile paying for peanut deliveries (such as pullers) (which we for some time did send out without prior payment to save time and effort for the customer). We even had cases where customers send back a puller (with clear symptoms of it having been used) as not ordered and not wanted.

    We see ourselves therefore compelled to refuse sending out such small parts without prior payment.

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